101 Social Media Post Ideas
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101 Social Media Post Ideas for Your Business

While social media posts are a great way to engage your audience, it can be challenging to come up with fresh ideas. That’s why we have provided you with some of the most popular and trending posts on social media that you can use for your business.

This article will help you understand the different types of social media posts that you could use for your business. It will help you create content that will be engaging and shareable on social media.

What to Expect?

  1. Never run out of post ideas
  2. Start giving real value to your audience.
  3. Make posts with no design experience.
  4. Tips & tricks on what to do next

Now, we put together 101 post ideas for your social media. Don’t be afraid to use any of them, we made sure they all provide value and are proven to work. Let’s dig right into:

Top Social Media Post Ideas

  1. Cartoons
  2. Inspirational Quotes
  3. Video Clips Of Your Long-Form Video (Take your podcast episode, speech or anything else that’s +30 minutes long and cut out the best scenes. )
  4. Ask Me Anything
  5. Memes
  6. Conversation
  7. Screenshots
  8. Live Stream
  9. Draw Something And Make A Picture Of it.
  10. Then And Now Picture
  11. Old Photo Of You
  12. How To Video
  13. Industry Fact
  14. Infographic
  15. Free Resource
  16. Viral Videos
  17. Share A Tip Or Trick
  18. Video Training
  19. Add Screenshots Of Your Tweet On The Picture
  20. Guest Post
  21. Case Study
  22. Upcoming Service, Product Or Event
  23. Behind The Scenes
  24. Personal Wins Or Results
  25. Seasonal Post
  26. Interview Someone
  27. Share Statistics
  28. Correct A Misconception That Relates To Your Industry
  29. Share Good Books Or Your Home Library
  30. Celebrate Something
  31. Screenshot Your Tweet And Post It.
  32. Share A Good Joke
  33. Make Predictions
  34. Share A Crazy Story
  35. Show Your Employees Or Coworkers
  36. Print Out A Text, Quote And Make A Picture Of It
  37. Let People Guess What You Are Saying On The Pic
  38. Educational Carousel Or Slideshow
  39. Compilation Video
  40. Best Moments Of Your Year Or Month
  41. Answer To Faq
  42. Share Your Vision Or Game Plan
  43. Start A Series
  44. Reshare Your Top Performing Posts
  45. Comic Strips
  46. Show Good Deeds
  47. Capitalise On Trends
  48. Ask Fans To Like If..
  49. Announce Changes
  50. Repost Someone Else’s Top Performing Post
  51. Share Something Shocking
  52. Post A Challenge
  53. A Day In The Life
  54. Write Something On Whiteboard And Make A Picture Of it.
  55. Picture With Friends Or Family
  56. Your Advice
  57. On This Day In History
  58. Photo Of Your Place Of Residence
  59. Facts About Your Life
  60. Share Your Failures Or Losses
  61. Tell People How You Got Started
  62. Share Your Favorite Podcast Or Youtube
  63. Thank Your Fans
  64. Promote Affiliate Product
  65. Tiktok Video
  66. Collab With Someone
  67. Photo About Your Hobby
  68. Product Review
  69. Before And After
  70. Share Your Routine
  71. Let Your Friend Take Over Your Acount For A Day
  72. Tell About Your Mistakes
  73. Share Testimonials Of Your Account, Product Or Service
  74. Make A Selfie And Bring Context
  75. Promote Someone Else’s Account
  76. Share Something Visually Striking
  77. Show Gratitude
  78. Share Your Accomplishments
  79. Write Your Thoughts Into Notes And Screenshot It
  80. Remind Your Audience To Do Something
  81. Share News
  82. Make A Picture Of A Quote Or Paragraph From The Book And Share It.
  83. Hold A Paper With A Message
  84. Write Your Message On The Mirror
  85. Ask Followers To Engage With Your Profile.
  86. Ask A Question
  87. Have Fun With Your Coworkers
  88. Share Tools You Use
  89. Simple Drawing
  90. Share Your Traditions
  91. Promote Your Service
  92. Promote Your Product
  93. Compare Something
  94. Show The Process Of Doing Something
  95. Post A Riddle
  96. Cross-Promote Your Other Social Networks
  97. Ask People To Sign Up For Your E-mail Newsletter
  98. Start A Movement
  99. Top 5 List
  100. Fan Photo
  101. Fill In The Blank

Tips & Tricks: Social Media Post Ideas: Which One Will Get You the Most Likes?

  • It’s important to understand that growth with those ideas is not guaranteed.
  • Exactly, you have to focus on posting things that fit with your industry the most.
  • And not to mention, choose what your target audience likes the most and don’t keep it one-sided.
  • Figure out what works for you, be patient, keep feeding the audience with multiple type of posts
  • Now for beginners don’t start spamming your feed with all of those ideas.
  • Right, choose your top 10 post ideas and keep building up your following with those.
  • Why? Because being more specifically into something on saturated platforms is the best way to attract new people
  • Eventually, you can start scaling by adding more posts from those ideas in your feed.
  • When I first started, I built up my following with viral videos and quotes.
  • And I built up my following with infographics, viral videos and quotes.
  • Now, whenever I post something random it gets almost the same engagement as my viral videos and quotes because I’ve built a name for myself.

What’s Next?

Now it’s time to be VERY patient and produce good content. Also make sure you actually do something you are passionate about. I agree, if you dont start growing in your first month, it’s OK. You have to be patient and your passion helps you be consistent over a long period of time.

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