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5 Brilliant TikTok Tips for Writers to Sell Their Books

TikTok is a powerful platform for writers to reach new readers and sell more books. In this article, we share five brilliant tips for writers to use TikTok to their advantage.

Are you a writer wanting to leverage TikTok to boost your professional and financial growth?

If yes! This article will equip you with the needed knowledge and tools to help you skyrocket your career in the writing space. TikTok is one of the best social media and social commerce platforms marketers prefer. It is mainly due to the vast amount of users that the platform possesses and its ability to help your content go viral.TikTok is a boon for writers as it enables you to showcase your work, get clients, drive traffic to your website and share your inputs through your posts.

As a writer, if you intend to become famous and gain many followers, you need to post content related to your niche creatively and engagingly. Additionally, writers depend on Trollishly to spread the word about their services and the books they sell to their niche audience. Therefore, getting your services and deliverables in front of your niche audience helps you increase your sales and maximizes your earning potential as a writer.

How Beneficial Is TikTok for Writers?


A lot of writers are now on TikTok. The platform helps writers keep up with the trends and stay connected with their target audience and competitors. Other significant benefits that the platform offers writers are as follows:

1. Helps to Know Your Target Audience

TikTok allows you to conduct thorough research on the content available in your niche and engage in competitor analysis. Engaging in these activities will help you understand the general expectations of the audience, the type of content that wins maximum engagement, and what other writers do differently to draw the audience’s attention toward their work.

2. Helps You Stay Updated

Knowing about the latest developments and trends in your field is essential. The platform helps writers stay relevant by providing information related to what’s happening at present in the industry and what interests readers the most. In addition, staying updated about the latest happenings will help you provide the best possible information to your audience through the posts you publish.

3. Allows You to Promote Your Books

The platform is considered a goldmine for people in the area of marketing. It is because the platform provides numerous ways to help you market your books. You can take the help of influencers belonging to your niche and get them to advertise your books and make announcements related to the new book releases. Influencers are very powerful in helping you reach your target audience effectively, grow your followers, and increase the sales of your books.

5 Brilliant TikTok Tips for Writers to Sell Their Books

If you are a writer who writes often and looking to monetize your writings, here are five brilliant tips we would like to share with you to get the desirable results; they are as follows:

1. Choose Your Niche and Stick To It:

As a writer wanting to make your presence prominent on social media, it is vital to choose your preferred niche. Selecting a particular domain helps you sell your books successfully to a specific domain audience.

However, while selecting a niche, limiting the scope of your writing solely to that niche is not necessary. You are allowed to post content related to other broader genres as well. As it helps you offer variety to your audience.

2. Follow the 20 % Marketing Rule:

If you wish to ace social media marketing, following the 20% marketing rule is necessary. The 20% marketing rule translates to posting 80% of the content to increase engagement and 20 % of the videos to advertise your services and books. However, posting a lot of advertising content will make your account appear sales-like and can drive your audience away.

Hence, post more content to increase engagement. If you intend to enhance engagement, you can post videos providing valuable information like interesting industry facts or some blooper videos at your workplace. You can also buy tiktok shares to grab more eyeballs on your published content to educate and entertain your audience effectively.

3. Showcase Book Covers:

Whenever you create a promotional video to advertise the services you offer as a writer or promote the sales of your book, make captivating videos. Your published videos should showcase your book’s cover and other exciting parts.

It is essential to capture and feature these areas of your book in the videos you publish to prompt your audience to buy your books.

4. Review and Recommend Books:

Creating and publishing videos where you review other authors’ books is an informative piece of information you offer to your audience. You can also recommend exciting and informative books by other authors. While creating review and recommendations videos keep your audience’s preferences in mind.

Recommend books that add value to them and help them evolve at various levels. Towards the end of such videos, you can also include the books you have published which are similar to the recommended books. If the audience finds your video enticing and informative, chances are high for your audience to learn more about your book and place their orders to buy your book.

5. Gain 1000 Followers and More:

Increasing your following will help you gain more recognition and engagement. Gaining thousands and more followers on TikTok might seem difficult if you have a new account, but achieving it is possible.

If you are a writer looking to increase your followers, keep posting content consistently that is likely to engage, inspire and motivate your audience. Doing so will help you gain more followers and audience effortlessly in no time. Writers and authors who use the platform to make their presence known to their audience leverage Trollishly to enhance their reputation. Building your reputation on the app helps win the trust of your audience.

Final Thoughts:

TikTok is an excellent place for writers to reach out to their target audience and keep them informed about their work. If you wish to use the platform to educate people about your work as a writer, you should know a little about the workings of the platform.

We are sure that following the tips shared in this article will help you gain recognition and boost your financial resources sooner than you expect.

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