How to Fix GIF Not Working on Instagram

How to Fix GIF Not Working on Instagram in 2023

GIFs failing to load on Instagram? Follow our step-by-step guide to troubleshoot and fix the ‘How to Fix GIF Not Working on Instagram’ issue promptly.

GIFs have become a universal language of online communication, adding humor and expression to our conversations. However, Instagram, a popular social media platform, can sometimes be a bit challenging when it comes to sharing animated GIFs.

If you’ve get issues with GIFs not working or not loading on Instagram, this article will guide you through the solutions to fix those GIF not working and running smoothly.

Understanding Instagram’s GIF Policy

Instagram does not natively support .gif files, which can be perplexing if you’re trying to share your favorite animated moments.

The platform primarily accommodates JPEG and PNG formats. So how do others seemingly share GIFs on Instagram? The answer lies in creative workarounds.

Using Boomerang: A GIF-Like Solution

One way to post GIF-like content on Instagram is by using Boomerang, a user-friendly app designed for creating short, looping videos. Here’s how it works:

  1. Give Boomerang access to your phone’s rear-facing camera.
  2. Boomerang captures ten rapid photos, assembles them into a sequence, accelerates the sequence, and smoothens the frame rate.
  3. The result is a video that constantly loops, akin to a GIF but in video format.
  4. Note that Boomerang does not include sound in your GIF, even though the format supports it.

Boomerang allows you to add filters and edit your mini Boomerang video just like any other Instagram video. However, every video created with Boomerang is watermarked with “made with Boomerang.” It is exclusively available on iOS via the Apple App Store.

Using GIF Websites

Websites like Giphy provide extensive GIF libraries and tools for sharing GIFs directly on Instagram. Here’s how you can use Giphy:

1. Visit Giphy’s website and find the perfect GIF to express yourself.

2. Tap the GIF you want to share.

3. Click the “Share” icon (paper airplane icon).

4. Select the “Instagram” option.

Giphy and similar GIF search engines modify the GIF format before uploading it to Instagram. They convert GIFs into mini videos, making it easy for you to share without needing video conversion software.

Adding GIFs to Instagram Stories

Instagram offers GIF stickers that you can add to your stories. To find them, tap the create icon and select the “GIF” option. This provides access to a database of GIF stickers for you to search and choose from.

These stickers can be resized and repositioned on your story, enhancing the visual appeal and context of your content.

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How to Fix GIF Not Working on Instagram

FAQs: Fix GIF Not Working on Instagram

Here are some common questions related to GIFs and Instagram:


GIFs add a touch of fun and expression to Instagram, despite some limitations in native support. Whether you’re sharing a hilarious moment or making a creative statement, the workarounds mentioned in this article will help you Fix GIF Not Working on Instagram. Feel free to share your thoughts on Instagram’s GIF capabilities in the comments below.

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