Take Your Brand to The Next Level With Instagram

Take Your Brand to The Next Level With Instagram

Nowadays E-commerce brands are using Instagram to get new customers, grow their audience, and engage with existing customers.

In fact, did you know that over 2 million businesses connect with people on Instagram, and that, in a recent survey by Facebook, 81% of respondents said that Instagram helps them research products and services?

This proves that Instagram has changed the way the average customer now shops – and with Instagram Shopping, people can buy your products directly from your photos and videos.

In this article, we take a look at how you can take your eCommerce Brand to the next level with Instagram.

Here are Top 4 Ways to Amplify Customer Experience on Instagram

1. Use Hashtags Effectively

Instagram posts that use hashtags gain more engagement as compared to those who don’t.
So it really is worth creating a hashtag strategy for your brand i you want to grow your account!

What do Hashtags actually do?

  • Make your content easier to find
  • E audience interactions
  • Improve your engagement rate
  • Build a community around your business

2. Use Stories

Instagram Stories ads are the perfect way to showcase your brand, business, and products to an already engaged audience. In fact, of Instagram users visit the brand’s website or make a purchase, after looking at Instagram ads.

What can you share there?

  • Offers, deals, and promos
  • user-generated content
  • Behind-the-scenes stories
  • Special. announcements

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3. Visually Plan Your Instagram Feed

If you’re looking to convert your viewers into followers, putting some time aside to plan your Instagram feed in advance is a good idea.

How do you maintain consistency?

  • Choose the aesthetic of your Instagram profile
  • Find content for your feed aesthetic
  • Use similar filters to keep it consistent

4. Instagram Live

Instagram live lets you connect with your audience in a direct, transparent, and authentic way. It is an incredible channel for driving new followers, engagement, and even selling products.

How does this help?

  • Help followers tune into and engage
  • More relatable an personal experience
  • Helps i brand recognition

Final Words

These tidbits of advice should get you off to a running start on Instagram. Remember that Instagram’s social nature works to increase the more intangible aspects of marketing, such as buyer loyalty, brand equity, and lifetime user value.

Happy Instagramming!

Should you want to know more, get in touch with our eCommerce experts and we’ll take it from there!

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