Shikha Arya: Using Social Media For Social Good

Shikha Arya is a 22-year-old girl from Jaipur. She is currently a running an eCommerce store called Artwale She also has a blog

Shikha Arya is a social media marketing strategist and consultant from Jaipur. Sho is also running an online eCommerce store called Artwale. It offers a wide variety of paintings, and users have access to worldwide shipping!

She is a 22-year-old girl from Jaipur, passionate about learning something new, adventure and sketching. Except for artwale she also has a blog called she writes about women’s lifestyle and health-related issues.

She is helping businesses to design, plan, implement and manage social media marketing strategies. Shikha Arya focuses on engaging with the audience through social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Shikha Arya (@women.slogans) chats with us about how she generated an Instagram following of over 700k+ by sharing her Motivational content, Positive mental attitude, and encouraging self-development for women empowerment.

She began posting on Instagram 3 years ago and has amassed a following of over 700k. This is just the beginning for Shikha Arya. We caught up with Shikha to chat about her journey to becoming an Influencer and tips for staying positive thought and mindset.

We wanted insight from her on growing into a bigger influencer and how she is dealing with all of the recent Instagram changes. Check it out!

Q1. How Did You Get Your Start As Influencer And How Did You Decide Niche On Focus?

Shikha: I was studying full-time in the 2nd year of botany at Maharani college. In my spare time, I was reading some self-development books the weekend and posting them on my Instagram. At the same time, a school friend reached out to me and said they liked my Instagram posts which are generally for women empowerment.

Amazing thought really! Very quickly I began posting quotes related to women empowerment only content for myself. I believe that since I dedicated my feed to motivation only I started to organically grow my audience who also enjoyed my thoughts.

Q2. How Has Your Life Changed Since Becoming An Influencer?

Shikha: My personal life has not changed much but my professional life is developing like crazy. For me, since I am a contents creator and influencer by trade, I have an incredible opportunity to connect with brands in a bigger way and help bring their product to life on Instagram.

I love the flexibility offered by this career path. I can work from anywhere, on my own schedule, which is really important given that I have my study. I also love the opportunities that come my way. Every day is different and exciting

Q3. How Many Hours A Week Do You Spend Working As An Influencer And All That Goes With It?

Shikha: Mmmmm, that’s a tough question. It varies! I do a lot outside of Instagram. I probably spend about 3 hours a day on it!

Q4. What Equipment Do You Use Camera, software or editing Apps?

Shikha: I’m a simple gal! I use my android Phone for all editing. i have Lightroom, Picsart, Pixellab, and Phonto.

Q5. What’s Been Your Biggest Challenge As An Influencer?

Shikha: My biggest challenge as an influencer is making sure that my creative ideas along with my study and family or we can say manage all the things together or via to-do lists.

I grew my Instagram audience on developing motivation and self-development content. I want to make sure that as I create content I keep the audience in mind and know that I am giving them what they want so we can grow together!

Q6. What Strategies Would You Use To Generate Leads From Your Competitors?

Shikha: I’m just focused on what I’m doing. I’m always trying to gain first then forward it to my audience if it is better and more relatable. so I’m Just focused on quality content and keep engaging my audience through Instagram Features like giving them polls, stickers, dm’s, questions, and many more.

Q7. What Time is Best For Posting Content On your Platform?

Shikha: According to my analytics generally 6 pm to 9 pm (IST time zone) is the best time for posting content every day. but Nowadays, The COVID-19 lockdowns have to led to massive increments in social media platform use, and at times, huge moves in when users are active. This week. So, I’m Posting from 3 pm to 9 pm (IST).

Q8. Do you know the demographics of your following?

Shikha: Yes!

80% women. 20% men. 18-24 biggest age bracket. India is the most popular country.

Q9. How has your experience been working with brands?

Shikha: Amazing, I stay in touch with the brands that I’ve worked for, a lot of the people in the industry have become friends of mine.

Q10. What platform, besides Instagram, do you think will be big in influencer marketing for 2020?

Shikha: YouTube and Pinterest are 100% the best places besides Instagram for content creation and influencer marketing. Both platforms are internet-based and not primarily through an app. This makes their staying power much more certain than other platforms. I have also explored Tik Tok as a potential. However, since most of Tik Tok’s users are 18-24.

Q11. What advice would you have for someone wanting to become an influencer?

Shikha: Find your talent and passion first. Share that to inspire and influence people. If you have a following already – Use your voice. and for Beginner -Aim for quality, not quantity followers.

Q12. How Your Followers And Reader Contact to You If They want?

Shikha: They can contact me with an email or direct message on Instagram.

Shikha Arya answer was simple about Influencer, “An Instagram influencer is a person who would still influence another person, even if their Instagram account was taken from them.”

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