Interview with an Influencer: Debanshu Das
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Interview with an Influencer: Debanshu Das

Debanshu Das ( ) chats with us about how he generated an Instagram following of over 180k by sharing his motivational quotes, short stories, micro tales, relatable writeups, videos, memes and many more.

A 20 years young talented, boy from Rourkela (Odisha). He is currently student of Bachelors in Business Administration ( BBA ) and willing to create a venture on his own and want to be the reason of others’ employment.

He began posting on Instagram 2 years ago and has amassed a following of over 180k. This is just the beginning for Debanshu. We caught up with Debanshu to chat about his journey to becoming an Influencer and tips for staying positive thought and mindset.

We wanted insight from him on growing into a bigger influencer and how he is dealing with all of the recent Instagram changes. Check it out!

Q1. How Did You Get Your Start As Influencer And How Did You Decide Niche On Focus?

Debanshu: I think I’m an introvert, most people, in fact many of my friends don’t know that I’m an Engineering dropout student. I was always interested in money, business, firms, ventures, entrepreneurship and all. After doing 1 year of Engineering, I felt depressed that I may not get a job, if I’ll then it will pay me very less. Such kinda thoughts started haunting me. While finding an escape from those shitty thoughts, I decided to jot them down and that way I’ll feel a bit relaxed. As i did, i felt very light from inside. It’s like throwing out garbage from your house.

One day, an idea struck to me. I thought that I’m not the only guy suffering from depression, anxiety and overthinking kind of stuffs. I felt that apart from writing it on a paper, let me write it on the internet, hopefully my frustrating words will calm them down. From that day, I created an Instagram account called Stories of DEB which later got a name Stories of the Day.

Q2. How Has Your Life Changed Since Becoming An Influencer?

Debanshu: As i’m an introvert, i stay low key and keep my things upto only my closed ones. So even if it’s changed, it has not made any changes to me. Yes I can say, i’ve got a lot of exposure about the Social media community, reached & connected with such big fellows which will be a difficult task for a regular person.

I never ever imagined that with this Instagram account, I’ll buy a car for myself. Well I’ve purchased lot many things, not only for myself but also for my family. I’ve always done some donations to special care schools. Lets not brag that topic, as the editor of this network asked about my achievements, thats why im sharing.

Q3. How Many Hours A Week Do You Spend Working As An Influencer And All That Goes With It?

Debanshu: Well apart from my own page, I handle other pages and business profiles over Instagram. I create contents for them as well as for me, schedule posts, campaigns, advertisements, meetings etc. Frankly speaking, being an social media influencer, you have to work 24*7 but technically that’s not possible. So roughly I can say that, it takes 5-7 hours a day.

Q4. What Equipment Do You Use (Camera/software/editing Apps)?

Debanshu: As a content maker, I prefer phone ( for picture contents ) & laptop ( for videos ). I use various softwares and editing tools like Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator ( paid version ), phonto, picsart, pixellab, adobe lightroom, snapseed etc.

Q5. What’s Been Your Biggest Challenge As An Influencer?

Debanshu: Apart from a social media influencer, I’m a student who belongs to a middle class family. So I’ve to manage studies and social media simultaneously.

Q6. What Strategies Would You Use To Generate Leads From Your Competitors?

Debanshu: You have to be more creative than others to stay in the market. Everyone has different techniques to grow and generate leads and I guess that’s should not be disclosed.

Q7. What Time is Best For Posting Content On your Platform?

Debanshu: I have a mixed audience type, few from India, few from USA and others from various countries and continents. So I prefer posting between the middle hours like 11AM and 7PM IST.

Q8. Do you know the demographics of your following?

Debanshu: Yes, I’ve a lot of people following me from India as well as from USA. 68% are male & 32% are female followers.

Q9. How has your experience been working with brands?

Debanshu: It’s quite good!!

I must say, brands are a great source of income for people like us. Apart from being a motivational content creator, I’ve been working with different social media networks and brands as a memer. I’ve been making memes for their promotional campaigns and regular postings.

Q10. What platform, besides Instagram, do you think will be big in influencer marketing for 2020?

Debanshu: Well I feel YouTube was the 1st to start these influencers marketing In 2020, TikTok is making a different impact and as there are a lot of Tiktok creators available, more bands are approaching them.

Q11. What advice would you have for someone wanting to become an influencer?

Debanshu: Well all I can say that while becoming an Influencer, One has to be consistent and have self confidence to start, grow and reach stability. During the initial phase, he/she may get hatred feelings from others, even from their own family, but one has to be positive and do some smart work and show them what he/she is capable of.

Q12. How Your Followers And Reader Contact to You If They want?

Debanshu: I’m always open to all. They can directly text me on Instagram at or mail me at [email protected].

Such a amazing chat with him about his wonderful journey on Instagram. His answer was simple, surprising, and enlightening, “An Instagram influencer is a person who would still influence another person, even if their Instagram account was taken from them.

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