YouTube Plans ‘Shorts’ to Rival TikTok

YouTube Working on ‘Shorts’ Feature to Rival TikTok

According to a recently published report, YouTube is working on its own short video platform called “Shorts” to rival TikTok. YouTube plans to launch a short-form video-sharing platform platform ‘Shorts’ to rival Chinese social media giant TikTok.

The move by Silicon Valley tech company to represents the most serious effort yet to combat the rise of TikTok, This is a rare example of a Chinese-owned social media app that has become a global hit. according to a report from The Information. The Shorts feature in YouTube is expected to be available at the end of 2020.

The new feature will be part of the YouTube app, according to The Information, which cited two unnamed sources Wednesday, and it would allow users to create and upload their own short videos. YouTube Shorts will include a brief videos posted by users inside the Google-owned app YouTube and will take advantage of the video service’s of licensed music, songs from which will be available to use as soundtracks for the videos created by users, said the people.

Short-format videos took off courtesy of TikTok which launched in China in 2016 and over time has taken over the world. In India especially, it’s one of the most downloaded apps.

While it may be hard for a platform to overtake TikTok’s momentum, as it is reported to have around 800m active users and nearly 2bn downloads, YouTube would have only Single advantage atleast over TikTok – a massive collection of licensed music.

By a report YouTube will not have to convince users to download a new app if it launches a short-form video platform within its existing mobile app, which millions are already using. Additionally, creators on YouTube will be able to publish short-form videos on their existing accounts, which already have subscribers and fan bases.

Social media giants such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have been watching TikTok’s rise closely, but YouTube is the first service to make a direct challenge to it.

The report claims YouTube is planning to launch the feature by the end of 2020, although looking at the present situation where people are mostly stuck indoors, this could be the best time for YouTube to launch the short video format.

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