WhatsApp Web and Desktop now require biometric authentication before device linking

WhatsApp Web now require biometric authentication

WhatsApp is adding an extra layer of security for logging into WhatsApp Web and desktop app. The next time you link your WhatsApp account to your web browser or desktop, you’ll be asked to authenticate the login request using your enrolled fingerprint or face data present on your phone.

Before this change, logging into WhatsApp web was as simple as scanning a QR code using your smartphone camera. Although this was convenient, it also left the door open for potential privacy breaches as anyone with access to your smartphone could just scan the QR code in a web browser and gain access to your chats. In this context, the addition of an extra layer of authentication is indeed a welcome move. WhatsApp notes that the authentication process is handled by the respective operating systems’ biometric APIs and that it can’t access or see your biometric data stored on your phone.

Multi-device login feature coming in WhatsApp:

Multi-device login can be introduced in WhatsApp soon. At present, you can log in your WhatsApp account on one computer or laptop at a time. In such a situation, the user has to face many problems. But now it will not happen in the coming time.

The company has given information about these features of WhatsApp by tweeting itself. These features will be launched soon. But before that, the company has given away to use these features.

You can use these features of WhatsApp this way:

– To link your account to WhatsApp web or WhatsApp desktop, first open the WhatsApp given on your phone.

-After this, go to the Settings bar with the help of three dots given in the top right.

– Click on its WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Web / Desktop.

– After this, Android device users have to click on LINK A DEVICE. After this, when your phone biometric authentication will show on the screen then follow that process.

-Keep in mind whenever you scan the QR code and if your account tells login elsewhere but you do not remember, then log out it immediately.

(Source: jansatta.com)

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