Suri Vinay: The Ace of Digital Marketing
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Suri Vinay: The Ace of Digital Marketing

This week we were able to chat with one of our favorite motivational Instagram influencers who we’ve been lucky enough to work with in the past. Pune-based, Suri Vinay (Vicky) runs the very popular @thebackbencherrs and @thecollegetime and has a huge growing audience of over 1.2M followers.

By sharing Meme and Creative School Meme contents. His Biggest dream now is to lead his page @thebackbencherrs to 10M followers which is One of the Most Hyperactive Meme Page On Instagram. His goals include expanding His company and increasing its brand value in the market and become a successful entrepreneur.

A young talented boy, from Pune (Maharashtra), passionate about growth and earning online & Investing in Stocks & Real Estate. He Completed his Degree With Specialization of Marketing at ICCS (Pune) in the Year 2020. As long as he started dreaming and growing up, not only in the field of studies, but also in the field of social media and digital marketing.

He started to empower and entertain people with his own talent and knowledge since 2016 and now he has over 12,00,000+ Followers on Instagram . This is just the beginning for Vinay. We caught up with Vinay to chat about his journey to becoming an Influencer and tips for getting success on social media platform.

We wanted insight from him on growing into a bigger influencer and how he is dealing with all of the recent Instagram changes. Check it out!

Q1. How Did You Get Your Start As Influencer And How Did You Decide Niche On Focus?

Vinay: I was shifted to Pune from odisha with My family for a better life and education. I came to this huge social world when I was in 12th grade while boards were on head, one of my childhood friend suggested me to join social media because I was a commerce student and knows everything about Marketing, E-commerce and business. Amazing thought really!

Very quickly I began posting on my first page named @crick_lol about one of my favorite game cricket, which got immense love and great support from followers ,This created more interest in Social Media. After a Sometime my page of cricket got disabled by instagram for some reason and I waited for my first page to get Reactivated but it never happened.

After few months I created another page and named it @magical_lines_ this page is based on human feelings, With great support of followers and with the help of relatable contents, This page gained numerous followers in very Short period of time. Then After a year I decided to combine my interest with my work and created another page named @thebackbencherrs where I framed my own Experienced Memes which were Relatable to his Childhood as he was a Back Bench student. I believe that since I dedicated my feed only I started to organically grow my audience who also enjoyed my thoughts.

Q2. How Has Your Life Changed Since Becoming An Influencer?

Vinay: My personal life has not changed much but my professional life is developing like crazy. For me, since I am a contents creator and influencer by trade, I have an incredible opportunity to connect with brands in a bigger way and help bring their product to life on Instagram.

I love the flexibility offered by this career path. I can work from anywhere, on my own schedule, which is really important given that I have my study. I also love the opportunities that come my way. Every day is different and exciting.

Q3. How Many Hours A Week Do You Spend Working As An Influencer And All That Goes With It?

Vinay: It’s varies! I do a lot outside of Instagram. I probably spend about 10 hours a day on it! that means 70 hours For 1 week.

Q4. What Equipment Do You Use (Camera/software/editing Apps)?

Vinay: I use my android Phone for all editing.  I have Inshot, Picsart, Canva, Kinemaster, PixelLab and InstaUltra for editing my contents.

Q5. What’s Been Your Biggest Challenge As An Influencer?

Vinay: Apart from a social media influencer, I’m a student who belongs to a middle class family. So I’ve to manage studies and social media at same time and distributing equal time intervals for both.

Q6. What Strategies Would You Use To Generate Leads From Your Competitors?

Vinay: I’m Just focused about what I’m doing. I’m always try to gain first then forward to my audience if its it better and relatable. so I’m Just focused on quality content and keep engaging my audience through Instagram Features like giving them poll, stickers, dm’s, questions, and many more.

Q7. What Time is Best For Posting Content On your Platform?

Vinay: According to my analytics generally 12pm (IST time zone) is the best time for posting a content everyday. Nowadays, due to The COVID-19 lockdowns have lead to massive increments in social media platform use, and at times, huge moves in when users are active. a in afternoon at that Time. It’s the time where we can get best results and Engagement out of our pages.

Q8. Do you know the demographics of your following?

Vinay: Yeah,

77% men and 23% women on @magical_lines_  and on @thebackbencherrs 57% men and 43% women. 18-24 biggest age bracket.

Mostly my followers are from Mumbai (India) on my both pages and I’ve also enough foreigner audience on @magical_lines_  and on @thebackbencherrs which is based on trending Indian memes it doesn’t have that much foreign audience on it

Q9. How has your experience been working with brands?

Vinay: Amazing, I stay in touch with the brands that I’ve worked for, a lot of the people in the industry have become friends of mine. I Supported Brands likes Tiktok, Vigo, Like, Hello, Beardo, AmpMe and many more brands for carrying out their Paid Promotion Campaigns.

Apart this I developed many new pages, grew over 100+ instagram Accounts. 

Q10. What platform, besides Instagram, do you think will be big in influencer marketing for 2020?

Vinay: Besides Instagram, I think YouTube and Affiliate Marketing at amazon and flipkart will be grater opportunity for social media Marketing in 2020.

Q11. What advice would you have for someone wanting to become an influencer?

Vinay: My Advice to Someone (beginner) who is wanting to Become an Influencer on Instagram are-

  • To Maintain Audience by posting Daily as many as you can.
  • To Have Patience And Have Believe in their Self.
  • Focus on Quality contents
  • Engaging with The Followers.
  • Take Help From Your Friends Tell Them to Follow your page.
  • Use Popular Hastags.

Q12. How Your Followers And Reader Contact to You If They want?

Vinay: As I had Kept My account in Business Account They Can Easily Contact me through Call button and Email Button Easily

His future plan is to become founder and CEO of an company that he is in Framing and do start up e-commerce Brand of his own.
He believe on “Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”

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