Manish Mehta
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Manish Mehta : A Digital Marketer From India

Manish Mehta started my career as a blogger has given himself tremendous exposure in the field of social media and public relations. With a great expertise in web, he has more than 500 clients in India as well as in the overseas.

What He Do

  • Social Media Management

He create and manage branded profiles and social media campaigns on carefully selected social media platforms that make the most sense for your business and your target audience.

  • Paid Ad Campaigns

His copywriters and designers can create paid ad campaigns that are sure to boost your brand awareness and influence on all major social platforms.

  • Website & App Development

He will create a functional website and app that is customized for your business and drives results.

  • Content Marketing

He Provide HQ contents for your social media platform. Content marketing helps you increase visibility, traffic and brand awareness. We offer effective and valuable SEO-copywriting that resonates with your target audience.

  • Social Media Marketing

He help you with social media management, advertising and strategic content creation to help you grow your audience and reach new prospects.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

Get your own digital marketing strategy built from scratch. Contact him to schedule a consultation to get started

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