LinkedIn is Working on New 'Support' Reaction

LinkedIn is Working on New ‘Support’ Reaction

Last month, we Noticed that LinkedIn is working to adds a new response emojis to its post Reaction set after user Omar Abedin made a request for such to then LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner.

After that, a reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong has shared a screenshot on profile about a new LinkedIn ‘Support’ Reaction in testing.

As you can see in this screenshot , the ‘Support‘ Reaction – represented by purple colored hands holding a heart – would be added to the existing five LinkedIn post Reactions which the platform launched last August. That would give users another way to quickly respond to posts, with, as noted, a specific focus on news stories relates to COVID-19.

There’s no any words about this update, but users can expect LinkedIn to launch the new Reaction emoji soon. 

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