Instagram Updates IGTV App and Adds New IGTV Preview Option for Stories

Instagram Redesigns IGTV With Creators As The Focus

Instagram has launched a redesigned version of its IGTV app today in the hopes of attracting more people to use this service and to promote the creators making long-useful videos. The company has redesigned the home page of the app from scratch to make it more useful for the users.

On opening the updated app for the first time, you will notice a new three-button navigation bar at the bottom of the interface. As mentioned above, the company told The Verge that it has “completely redesigned” the homepage to highlight creators whose content it thinks you’ll want to watch.

The new IGTV app also comes with a “Discover” tab borrowed from the Instagram app that shows the video from a variety of creators. Previously, the IGTV app mostly highlighted content from people you followed, as well as videos that were popular on the platform. But this time, it will be highly focused on the content of the creators that you are most interested in.

In addition to that, Instagram has also updated the way you usually post your IGTV videos as stories. Earlier, people can share their IGTV videos as stories that only highlight a single frame of the video. But with the updated app, you will be able to see a 15-second preview of the IGTV video right on the stories. Presumably, the goal here is to encourage people to tap through and watch a full video. Besides, Instagram has also added a hands-free recording mode to make it easier for creators to record videos.

All of these updates might make the app more appealing, at least as far as for creating videos and finding new content. However, it’s still unclear how many people are actually accessing the standalone app versus finding IGTV videos through Instagram itself. Well, the updated IGTV app is now available to download on Google Play Store and App Store. 

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