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Instagram is working on ‘Pin comment’ option

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook owns several popular apps — including WhatsApp and Instagram — and often a times, we see features of one app making its way to the other. The latest feature that we may see on Instagram and has been available on WhatsApp since is while is the option to pin. WhatsApp allows its users to pin up to three specific chats to the top of the WhatsApp home page to allow users to quickly find it. Now, Instagram has been spotted with the option to pin comments.

As per a tweet by security researcher Jane Manchun Wong, the app is soon going to allow users to pin comments on their posts. Wong has not specified if this option will be valid for more than one comment or not on the photo-sharing app. She hasn’t even shed any light on how close the feature is to actually being rolled out as of now.

A twitter user Alessandro Paluzzi also shared this news;

Last month, Wong revealed that Instagram is working on the ability to hide the Stories from specific people. And as per the screenshot she provided, users will be able to search the people they want to hide their contacts from and simply select them to hide that particular Story from them.

With this feature, Instagram users will get an option to easily select the people with whom they don’t want to share their Stories. Right now, WhatsApp also has a similar feature that allows its users to hide their Status from some contacts by allowing its users to choose specific contacts.

In the past, Wong also claimed that Facebook users could soon be able to post their Stories on Instagram, which was also confirmed by a Facebook spokesperson to TechCrunch.

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