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Instagram is Working on “Limit Sensitive Content” Feature

When the whole world are discussin about COVID19 and limiting video streaming qualities, Instagram developers are busy bringing something new features for their users. So we have come with another exciting feature for instagrammer, This time again hidden feature expert Jane Manchun Wong has discovered it and twitted that Insatgram is working on “limit sensitive content” option.

Though there are clear guidelines on Instagram, which determine what type of content may appear on the platform, but a lot of content still has the potential to disrupt individual users. For example, because they are too suggestive to them or because of individual representations they may seem disturbing. In this case, Instagram could remedy this with a new feature

A few days back, we got to know about Instagram’s upcoming discover accounts feature and incognito mode for DMs; both of these features are under development.

As reverse-engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong recently discovered, the Facebook-owned social media app -Instagram is currently working on a new feature a”limit sensitive content” toggle. It’s unclear at the moment what Instagram would classify as “sensitive content,” but one would assume that a wide array of NSFW and mature content would fit the bill.

and almost same Time a Twitter user Alessandro Paluzzi shared a screenshot, which shows the “Limit Sensitive Content” function on Instagram. Social media expert Matt Navarra also took up the discovery:

How will it work

If you switch off the toggle, there is a warning with a pop-up asking you if you want to “See more content that might be sensitive”. The option is probably working toward some specific audiences, children or teenagers for example, but it may also come as a default Instagram setting when or if it rolls out. Speaking of which, there is currently no indication when this feature will become available, nor any official comment from Instagram.

Well, we don’t know when we will be able to enjoy these features; however, we have come across another feature that will help the company Limit sensitive content. The leaker, Jane Wong, has found a toggle switch in an Instagram app named as Limit Sensitive Content. According to her, this option is turned on by default.

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