delivery sticker on instagram

Instagram is working on “Delivery” sticker

When the whole world are discussing about COVID19, Instagram developers are busy bringing more and more new and interesting features for users. This time Instagram Is working to Introduce a new Sticker on Instagram Story tab which is “Delivery Sticker” to help supporting restaurants.

We got another Information by a reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong. She Twitted ” Instagram is also working on “Delivery” sticker to help supporting restaurants This is also part of Instagram’s efforts to help out SMBs during COVID-19, apart from the “Support” sticker that I tweeted about”. So think This a Appreciative work from Adam Mosseri.

Recently Instagram Introduce or working on so many undated stickers on Instagram stories for their users. some of them are listed below:

  • To help people supports relief efforts, Instagram working on the “Support Sticker” in helping people to support.
  • To spread awareness among people for stay at home they launched “Stay Home Sticker” amid COVID-19 Outbreak.
  • Renaming the Question sticker from “Ask me anything Sticker” to “How Can I Help Sticker” during Lock-down.
  • Introduce “Donation Sticker” To allows eligible nonprofits and their supporters to raise money for charity directly on Instagram and donate button on Instagram Business Accounts.

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