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Instagram Introduces Stay Home sticker in Story

The Coronavirus outbreak has many people forced under lockdown. Further, the ones that aren’t, are being asked to practice social distancing and to stay at home. As the COVID-19 crisis continues to spread, many apps and platforms are using their features and updates reach to make people aware. Google began this by indicating fast COVID-19 related connections with its indexed lists. Presently a great deal of applications have taken comparative measures. Instagram as well, as of late added two or three features to make awareness on the Coronavirus outbreak.

On March 22 Instagram Tweeted:

To use Instagram’s Stay Home Sticker, simply snap a photo or capture a moment like you usually would for a Story, and then tap the Stickers icon at the top right of your screen. The first sticker you should see is the Stay Home one. Just tap on it, drag it wherever you’d like on your photo or video, and post it to your Story. Whether you’re spending that extra time at home playing games with your cats, attempting TikTok dances, or eating up all of your quarantine snacks in one day, you can show off how you’re having fun while stuck inside.

They are also working on AR effects in stories for stay Home sticker. “We also launched a set of Stay Home AR effects from creators in Stories. Open your Instagram camera, swipe right to “Browse Effects” and voilá.” Instagram said.

  • Instagram Launched a new ‘stay home’ sticker and story to spread awareness of social distancing among the users.
  • The curated story appears on top of all of the friends’ posts.
  • Other social media Applications applying changes in reaction to the COVID-19 crisis in their own unique ways.
  • launched Stay Home AR effects from creators in Stories. Open your Instagram camera, swipe right to “Browse Effects” and voilá.

The “Stay Home” sticker is currently available for everyone to use on either iOS or Android.

Here are some ideas for how to best use the new sticker:

  • Professionals: Show your followers some work-from-home tips to maximize productivity and adapt to a new working environment.
  • Parents: Show how you’re adapting to having your kids home from school and offer tips to other parents.
  • Fitness enthusiasts: With gyms closed around the nation, this is an opportunity to share at-home fitness tips with others.
  • Freelancers: Do you work from home on a regular basis? Great! Share what you’ve learned so others can benefit from your experience.

Of course, you can use the sticker however you want. Those are only a couple of thoughts off the top of my head.

Speaking of stickers, Instagram is adding other helpful stickers that include reminders to wash hands and maintain a safe distance from other people.

The “Stay Home” sticker is available now, and other COVID-19 stickers will be available in the coming days.

The launch comes nearby other COVID-19 reactions from Instagram that include:

  • stay home sticker Showing a shared Instagram Story featuring all the posts from you network that include the “Stay Home” sticker
  • Adding Story stickers that remind individuals to wash their hands or stay away from others
  • Adding coronavirus instructive information to the highest point of results for related ventures
  • Removing informal COVID-19 records from suggestions, just as infection related content from Explore in the event that it doesn’t originate from health organization
  • Growing the donation sticker to more nations so individuals can scan for and approach companions for commitments to pertinent charities.

These updates build on Instagram’s efforts from two weeks ago, which included putting COVID-19 prevention tips atop the feed, listing official health organizations atop search results and demoting the reach of coronavirus-related content rated false by fact checkers.

Source: Instagram Blog

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