Instagram Multiple Account Posting at same time

Instagram Introduces Post to Multiple Accounts at same time

Instagram just announced a new feature that will save your some time during posting: the ability to post to multiple accounts at the same time! this feature is known as “self-regram” feature.

Instagram has launched this multiple account posting feature for only iOS users only. and but there is no any word on android users, when it will come to Android.

Instrgam users will be able to share the same post to their multiple accounts at the same time. that the option is available now to all iOS users , TechCrunch reports. 

How does It works:

  • This Multiple account posting feature will appear or available when you are going to share a new post.
  • The options to taging people or friends and mark your location should be “Post to Other Accounts,” which will let you popup on where else you’d like to publish the post.
  • This feature will be a time-saver for a lot of people who run multiple business accounts, are doing partnerships with other accounts, or run several photography groups.
  • This feature also popular to have more personal account, so this could be very helpful outside the business.

Instagram has not given any information for when the iOS self-regram feature rollout will be completed, but some iOS users should see it as an option now.

Hope this feature will be hit on Android as well, but there is no word yet on when that might happen.

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