Instagram Introduce Co-Watching Feature in Video Chat

Instagram Launched Co-Watching Feature in Video Chat

To help people stay connected, Instagram introduces co-watching feature and a new feature that allows you to view posts together with your friends over video chat. You can begin a video call by tapping the video visit symbol in the Direct inbox or in a current Direct thread,then view saved, liked and suggested photographs/recordings by tapping the photograph symbol in the base left corner in a progressing video call.

Instagram’s testing of the the feature was first spotted In April last year, Reverse Engineer Jane Manchun Wong had discovered and talked about the feature on Twitter. “I can’t wait to co-watch videos in dog face with friends with Instagram,” wong had written back then.

Co-watching is another feature that permits Instagramers to see Instagram posts together.

Multiple friends can connect via video chat and and browse content as a group.

On paper this sounds a bit unconventional, as people do not typically get together and browse each other’s Instagram feeds.

However, the times we’re living in are anything but normal, so we may end up seeing more innovative ideas like this to keep people connected.

Users can start a video chat by tapping on the video chat icon in the DM inbox or in an existing DM thread.

From there, friends can view saved, liked, and suggested photos/videos by tapping the photo icon in the bottom left corner in an ongoing video chat.

Additional COVID-19 Initiatives From Instagram

The “Stay Home” sticker and Co-Watching are two of the latest initiatives from Instagram, but they’re certainly not the only ones.

Instagram has been taking steps to help people stay safe and connected since the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a public health emergency in January.

Other initiatives include:

  • More educational resources in Instagram search results.
  • Adding stickers to promote accurate information.
  • Removing COVID-19 content and records from suggestions, except if posted by a credible health organization
  • Indicating a Shared Instagram Story featuring all the posts from you network that incorporate the “Stay Home” sticker.
  • Including Story stickers that remind individuals to wash their hands or stay away from others
  • Adding coronavirus instructive data to the highest point of results for related inquiries
  • Revealing the donation sticker in more nations and helping individuals find significant charities to help.

Source: Instagram Blog

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