Instagram and Facebook Celebrating Lunar New Year

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With Lunar New Year being celebrated this week, Facebook has added some new themed tools to both Facebook and Instagram for those looking to participate in welcoming the first new moon.

Marking the Year of the Ox, Instagram has added a range of new stickers and AR effects for the event, which users can add to their Stories.

Facebook, meanwhile, has added a new animation for the Like logo in the app.

Largely celebrated in China, Lunar New Year has become a significant celebration in many regions around the world, and this year, many people will be looking for ways to participate which don’t require physical meet-ups, in line with COVID-19 precautions.

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As such, these new tools, aside from being interesting features, may also serve a more valuable, connective purpose around the event. And if you’re running an Instagram campaign around Lunar New Year, they can help to add a thematic element to your promotions, while also fitting in with the organic feel of the platform. 

The new features will be available for a limited time.

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