How To Create Polls in Messenger

How To Create Polls in Messenger

Facebook has announced today that polls feature for Messenger are once again back in play within your chat streams. Now users can create polls in messenger between their threads. We had seen polls in Messenger back in 2016, but they were removed.

But now, Facebook Messenger polls are back with a refreshed version of polls than previous. Facebook updated the polls with new look, new colors and updated button to vote on poll. And now polls are available for Messenger on iOS, Android, web and desktop.

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As explained by Facebook:

“We’re excited to share that Polls in Messenger are back and here to help coordinate activities or share opinions by voting in your group chats. The Polls feature is easy to use and lets you skip lengthy discussions around the best time for your virtual happy hour or which recipe to try by giving people the opportunity to weigh in on a specific question or topic.”

How to Create Polls in Messager:

  • Tap on the + icon and select Polls in a group chat.
  • From there you can add any question for your friends to vote by selecting Type in the Poll Question.
  • Select Options, then tap on Create Poll to submit your topic to the group chat.

How to Participate in a Poll:

  • Tap anywhere on the Poll in the chat thread to bring up the Polls details screen
  • Select Polls Option(s), select your answer, then tap Submit

NoteAll group with more than 2 people will be able to create polls in messenger.

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