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How To Create Messenger Rooms on Instagram

How to use 'Messenger Rooms' Multi-Participant Video Call
How to use 'Messenger Rooms' Multi-Participant Video Call

After Facebook, Instagram also going to maximize the video chat option amid rising demand during COVID-19, This week Instagram added a new option in video chat option it will give any Instagram users to create Messenger Rooms in direct Inbox from their Instagram account.

How to Create Messenger Rooms on Instagram:

As shown in above video,

  • Firstly go to Direct inbox of you Instagram account.
  • After that tap on the video chat button within Instagram Direct inbox, you can see on right upper corner of inbox.
  • Then a new prompt appear showing that to create a Messenger Room.
  • Then you can send chat link to your friends or you can directly invite them to join video chat.
  • Messenger Rooms are, generally, operated on Facebook’s Messenger, so when you can create a room within Instagram, you have to switch to Messenger to joining in the video chat.

Facebook is working on to expand that feature in coming month, last week Facebook expand this option to all the users. Facebook is still filtering the formats and feature to getting everything perfect for all.

We’ll provide you all updates and keep you updated when Facebook provides more information about it.

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