Home Trends How Hackers May Steal Your OTP via SMS and WhatsAp

How Hackers May Steal Your OTP via SMS and WhatsAp

How Hackers May Steal Your OTP via SMS and WhatsAp

If you’re not getting any OTP or SMS on your smartphone while carrying out money transactions, you might have become a victim of hackers. In the latest update, according to a report from Zee Business channel, hackers are now using a new trick to steal your personal data even on apps like WhatsApp and no one will know. This is a brand new way of stealing banking details through OTP via SMS and it is called ‘SMS redirect.’  This hacking feature should really worry users.

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Through SMS redirect, hackers can easily redirect all the messages, OTP and SMS to their phones from your smartphones. Even, hackers can easily get access to all your banking details. They are all doing it in just $16 dollars (roughly Rs 1,200) via SMS redirect service. It shows how careless some companies are because, they usually don’t take customers permission on SMS redirect services.

These hackers are making use of security flaws to redirect important text messages, including those containing OTP or login links for services such as WhatsApp. They can redirect the SMS supposed to arrive on your smartphone and intercept data and carry out the attack in such a way that the victim would not even know that he has been targeted. Your WhatsApp details will be leaked. However, this type of hacking that targets OT, SMS and Whatsapp account, has been happening in the US so far, but its reach as such is limited to just that country.

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