A new video editor, plus enhanced editing features

Google New Video Editing Feature to Google Photos

This could be handy for those looking for options to enhance their video content.

Today, Google has announced a new update to its video editing features within Google Photos, including new cropping options, the capacity to ‘change perspective’, apply filters and enhance specific video elements (brightness, contrast, etc.) 

Google Video Editor

That could be a good, quick way to improve your video content before sharing. 

As per Google:

“There are now more than 30 controls, but a good place to start is with cropping and straightening the frame to focus more on the subject. And if the scene is poorly exposed, you can adjust the brightness to make your video shine.”

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Having the capacity to edit your video content on the go could be significant for those looking to maintain their social posting activity, and these new features will provide more capacity to update and evolve your content process.

Of course, many of these features are also likely available on your platform of choice, but Google’s more advanced functions could add something new, and may well be worth checking out. 

In addition to this, Google’s also bringing some of its more advanced photo editing tools to Google One members, including Portrait Blur and Portrait Light, features that have thus far only been available on Pixel devices.

The new video editing features are already available in Google Photos on iOS and will be rolling out to Android users in the coming weeks. 

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