Google Launches keen a new app
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Google Launches ‘Keen’, A Pinterest-Style App

Throughout the years, as Pinterest has Grown into a visual discovery engine, and increasingly aimed on eCommerce platform, Google has also launches a new Pinterest-Style App called ‘Keen‘.

And keeping in mind that Pinterest is just taking up a small amount of that advertise (Pinterest as of now at 367 million MAU, while Google has 2 billion MAU for G Suite alone), it is developing, and it is, without a doubt, removing look from Google. That is the rason why Google has launching to add Pinterest-like features and tools, keeping the social app at bay.

Google Launches ‘Keen‘, A Pinterest-Style App, which is “a place to grow and share your interests with loved ones, and find things that will help in making this precious life count”.

As explained by Google:

“On Keen, which is a web and Android app, you say what you want to spend more time on, and then curate content from the web and people you trust to help make that happen. You make a “keen,” which can be about any topic, whether it’s baking delicious bread at home, getting into birding or researching typography. Keen lets you curate the content you love, share your collection with others and find new content based on what you have saved.”

Keen appears very similar to Pinterest style, which, as noted, adds to the developing list of copycat tools that Google has launched as a means to at least keep Pinterest in check, and guarantee that it doesn’t become excessively quick, and become a genuine issue for search.

“The more you save to a keen and organize it, the better the recommendations become. Even if you’re not an expert on a topic, you can start curating a keen and save a few interesting “gems” or links that you find helpful. These bits of content act like seeds and help keen discover more and more related content over time.”

Maybe, Google is simply looking to tap into the same trend, and with the advantage of its search algorithms to find related content, it could be best-placed to create an app catering to this need.

You can download the app, and see more Keens, here.

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