Facebook is testing limits on message forwarding in Messenger

Facebook Messenger is testing on limits on message forwarding

Facebook is testing limits on message forwarding in Messenger same like WhatsApp, which is also seeing similar to cut down on the spread of misinformation.

as per Jane Manchun Wong :

Facebook said they’re putting efforts on fighting misinformation on their platforms especially with this pandemic, and are exploring various ways to do so, like this one”

Alexandru Voica (Tech comms manager at @Facebook) Twitted:

“We’re working hard to limit the spread of misinfo on our platforms, especially with #COVID19, and we’re exploring more options like testing stricter limits for how many chats you can fwd a message to at one time. This feature is still in development and not testing externally yet “


The capacity to get to exact, timely information is basic at the present time, as individuals in all areas need to do to limit what they have to do to constrain the spread of COVID-19, how they can secure themselves, and what’s going on with respect to limitations. Facebook has been striving to battle falsehood on its foundation, however as noticed, the scrambled informing of WhatsApp makes that considerably progressively perplexing, constraining the limit with respect to Facebook to intercede.

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