Facebook is launching new Care reactions on Facebook and Messenger

Facebook is launching new Care reactions on Facebook and Messenger

Facebook is launching new Care reactions on Facebook app and Messenger as a way for people to share their support with one another during this unprecedented time. By hopimg these reactions give people additional ways to show their support during the COVID19 crisis.

On Facebook, New one will launch a seventh Reaction alongside the existing six. The new Care Reaction will start rolling out next week globally and you can use it to react to posts, comments, images, videos, or other content on the app and Facebook.com .

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Messenger is rolling out a pulsating heart Reaction today so people can show extra love and care to their friends and family. To update the reaction, you can press and hold down the heart reaction to view the new one. To change it back, press and hold the new Reaction again.

As par Alexandru Voica EMEA tech comms manager at Facebook :

” We know this is an uncertain time, and we wanted people to be able to show their support in ways that let their friends and family know they are thinking of them. “

“As we’ve spoken with people about the kinds of emotions they want to convey in relation to posts they see in their NewsFeed, Hug is one of the most frequently suggested ideas” Simo says. ( Head of Facebook App Facebook. Based in California )

While this Reaction is temporary for now, there is a chance Facebook will make it permanent as we know showing care on Facebook isn’t just tied to one moment. Alexandru says.

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