Facebook ditched plans for WhatsApp ads

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Stressed about irritated regulators and needing to prioritize a more extensive integration of its services, Facebook pulled back last a year ago from plans to to introduce advertising with the messaging application it acquired in 2014. The tech giant still expects to eventually bring ads to WhatsApp, after it completes the multiyear effort to link all its social platforms. Facebook ditched plans for WhatsApp ads, afraid sucking in the chat app’s data would anger regulators.

Last year, Facebook abruptly pulled the plug on a plan to put ads in WhatsApp, fearing how regulators and users would respond. Zuckerberg still plans to turn on WhatsApp ads once a broader, multiyear effort to integrate all of Facebook’s apps is complete. The Information said.

Putting ads in WhatsApp has been incredibly controversial from the beginning, and it’s what ultimately led to the departure of the app’s founders, Jan Koum and Brian Acton. Acton to me on ads being shelved after he left the building: “The irony is not lost on me.”

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I hope that will trigger mass movements to better Apps like Telegram then, I really do. Only reason i have Whatsapp is because i have most of my friends using it as their primary IM :/ I prefer Telegram in every-way, whatsapp is archaic honestly

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