Facebook and Instagram adds Account Transparency Tools

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Facebook and Instagram is adding another feature “Account Transparency Tools” which will telling you where page posts are coming from or reveal the location of popular pages when they publish posts planned for making it simpler to see who’s behind the posts published across Facebook and Instagram.

It’s going to show the location of “high-reach” Facebook pages and Instagram accounts on every post the owners share in order to give people “more information to help them gauge the reliability and authenticity of the content they see in their feeds.” The company declined to state how it define what constitutes an “large” audience or what number of account would be impacted.

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Facebook is adding the feature in the U.S., starting with Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts based outside of the country that reach large audiences primarily located in the U.S.

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As per explained by facebook:

“We want to make sure people use our services authentically and can understand who is behind the posts they’re seeing. This is particularly important when it comes to elections, so we’re taking extra steps to make Pages and accounts with large audiences more transparent

These changes are part of our broader efforts to protect elections and increase transparency on Facebook and Instagram so people can make more informed decisions about the posts they read, trust and share.”

On Facebook, users are as of now ready to see the primary location of the Page owner, to give them a better idea who is running it.

In the event that this sounds familiar, this is on the platform that the feature was initially introduced in 2018 on the both platform.

In Instagram, the “About this Account” feature permits users to see extra data about popular accounts, including the nation the account holder is situated in, alongside date joined, previous usernames, promotions they are running, and more.

Source: Facebook Blog

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