WhatsApp Tests QR Codes to Help Users Connect

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QR codes have significant potential value on social media platform in various country. This week, WABetaInfo has reported that WhatsApp has start testing of its own QR code option, which will make it easier for users to share their contact info via QR scans.

As you can see in the screenshot, the new QR code option will enable users to either introduce their code for others to scan, which will share your WhatsApp contact information (and, WABetaInfo notes, your mobile number), while there’s additionally a QR Code Scanner’ option to read other users’ QR codes.

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This feature was under development and finally WhatsApp has decided to release it for beta testers. WhatsApp Tests QR Codes to Help Users Connect.

Probably very Soon, you will be able to scan QR codes in your WhatsApp, which could make it easier for more users to connect, more easily, within the app.  

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